The MTA’s Annual General Meeting was held last week where Past President Neville Gibb received Life Membership

Public news

It is with great pleasure we announce that Neville Gibb was nominated and endorsed as a Life Member of the Motor Trade Association of South Australia at the MTA’s AGM last week.

Neville has been an active member since 1970 and has held positions of office with both the MTA and MTAA over the last 21 years. His passion for the automotive industry on both the national and local stage has not gone unnoticed.

Since becoming a MTA Board Member of MTA SA in 1997 Neville has held the following positions:

  • MTA Board Upper North Zone Representative – from August 1997 to July 2008
  • MTA Board Vice President – from July 2008 to July 2011
  • MTA President – from July 2011 to July 2014
  • MTA Past President – from July 2014 to present

  • Working with the MTAA and AMIF, Neville has also been on the MTAA Limited Board of Directors from December 2010 and continues to do so.

    Neville was Vice President from September 2012 to September 2014, Treasurer from September 2012 to the present, Acting President from September 2014 to March 2015 after the passing of Tony LeRosa, and is currently the MTAA President a position he has held since 2015.

    In addition, he has been Board Director of MTAA House from August 2011 through to December 2017.

    Neville is also well known for his community involvement and his passion for the automotive industry is of the highest order, giving considerable time and input into the governance and direction to the organisations on a voluntary basis.

    His extraordinary leadership, counsel and guidance as well as his business acumen and determined manner have greatly assisted the state and national organisations. His ongoing work for the South Australian Automotive Industry cannot be understated.

    We look forward to continuing to work with Neville as we advocate on behalf of MTA members.