National AMBRA meeting and tackling ongoing Body Repair Division issues

Public news

Chair of AMBRA and the Body Repair Specialists Division Jeff Williams, along with MTA Industry Engagement Specialist Paul Back and the MTA’s CEO Paul Unerkov attended the recent national AMBRA meeting on July 4, further reinforcing the MTA’s engagement at a national level with other state body repairers.

Jeff and the MTA met with AMBRA and NSW and QLD representatives to discuss industry developments including shop grading and the recent intentions of IAG, who are reviewing their Terms of Authority.

It was great to have full national representation at the table to decide on strategy moving forward. While the MTA is expecting a response on IAG’s review soon, it is reasonable to give them an opportunity to consider their options with a little extended time if necessary.

The MTAA is preparing its second submission for the Banking and Finance Royal Commission and has included a number of complaints, based on member feedback that may be relied upon if we get the investigation in to the industry that we are asking for in the submission.

Make sure you keep in contact with Paul Back by clicking here if you have any examples of insurance companies breaching the Code of Conduct or Competition Law. Continued lodgements of IDRs are BRD members’ best defence against insurance companies doing the wrong thing by repairers.