MVIRI Bill passes lower house

Public news

The Motor Vehicle Insurance and Repair Bill introduced by the Member for Waite, Sam Duluk MP, to mandate the Motor Vehicle Insurance and Repair Industry code of conduct has passed South Australian Parliament's lower house with support from Labor, independent MPs as well as some MPs within the Liberal Party.

This is exciting progress towards mandating the Motor Vehicle Insurance and Repair Industry Code of Conduct in South Australia with binding mediation and penalties for breaches.

Members will also be interested to know that an amendment was also introduced by the Labor Party to compel insurers to clearly state whether an insurance policy has a choice of repairer option. This amendment was also passed by the House.

The Bill will now enter the upper house where the MTA will engage with members of the Legislative Council to push for this Bill to become law in South Australia.

To our body repair members in the Northern Territory - we also hope to use this as a platform for change in the NT and nationally.

It has been a team effort to get to this stage and we would like to thank all MTA members who reached out to their local members of parliament on this issue, as well as our staff working behind the scenes.