MTA training leaves a good impression

Public news

The MTA has a reputation for excellence which continues to grow, with more organisations choosing us as their preferred automotive training provider.

COMCAR, the Federal Government’s VIP vehicle fleet operator, maintains a fleet in all capital cities for politicians and public servants.

With such a large fleet, and the need to maintain the highest standards for its clients, COMCAR chose MTA Training and Employment, when looking for training on Supplementary Restraint Systems.

11 COMCAR staff flew in from Canberra last week to learn about safe procedures for SRS systems, removing, handling parts containing SRS components and identifying the locations of SRS system components and wiring, with training and assessments delivered by MTA Training and Employment’s Wayne Arnold.

The training also covered safe procedures to shut down SRS systems before removal, refit and initialisation as well as SRS system components, operation and system fail safes.

Pleasingly, all participants successfully completed their theory and skills assessments.

The quality of our training and staff has obviously left a positive impression, with discussions already beginning on possible Hybrid Electric Vehicle training in the future. Click here to learn more about our upskilling courses.