MTA to host PPG Colour Matching Competition.

Public news

The MTA will be hosting PPG’s Colour Matching Competition on 5 July.

The competition is open to both MTA apprentices and industry apprentices at all year levels who have demonstrated exceptional quality throughout their training.

Staff from PPG will be flying in from Melbourne for the event as well.

MTA Trainer and Assessor in Automotive Refinishing Technology Matt MacDonald says that it’s a great opportunity for apprentices to show the quality of their work.

“The MTA is always looking for more ways we can engage with the industry and demonstrate the quality work of apprentices who train with us. I am looking forward to the event where food and drinks will also be supplied.”

If you are a an Automotive Refinishing apprentice who would like to take part, click here to register for the event and forward completed registrations to

Click here for more information from PPG.