The MTA to become the sole trainer of automotive paint and panel apprentices in SA

Public news

TAFESA has advised all employers of Automotive Body Repair Technician apprentices who train through their Registered Training Organisation (RTO), that they will cease training the Certificate III in (AUR 32116) Automotive Body Repair Technology from 2020.

Following a similar decision by TAFESA to cut (AUR 32416) Automotive Refinishing Technology a couple of years ago, the Certificate III in Automotive Body Repair Technology will now be trained solely by the MTA (RTO No 2293).

To ensure that apprentices are not severely impacted, we will endeavour to see that all students training through TAFESA are smoothly transitioned to the MTA’s RTO. We will be sending a letter to affected apprentices and employers soon outlining the transition process.

The transition will mean that from next year, we will be the only RTO in South Australia that trains Certificate IIIs relevant to the collision repair sector, these qualifications being (AUR 32116) Automotive Body Repair Technology and (AUR 32416) Automotive Refinishing Technology.

If you have any questions in relation to the training of your apprentice or would like to enquire about taking on a MTA apprentice in Automotive Body Repair Technology or Automotive Refinishing Technology, click here to contact the Royal Park Training and Employment Centre.