MTA Submissions - IR Reform Omnibus legislation

Public news

In a dramatic change to the much-hyped IR Reform omnibus Bill, the Morrison Government has now passed through both houses a vastly reduced version of its much-hyped bid to overhaul the Fair Work Act, with changes to casual employment arrangements the only surviving element.

The Government dropped all schedules from the IR Omnibus Bill, apart from Schedule 1, which deals with casual employment, after failing to win sufficient support for broader changes from the Senate crossbench.

The changes to casual employment introduced by the Bill include a definition of casuals based only on the original offer made to the employee, without taking into account "any subsequent conduct of the parties".

They also include protection against "double-dipping" claims by long-term casuals and a scheme for casual employees to request conversion to permanent status.

The provisions removed included those criminalising wage theft, which had attracted a large degree of support across both parties.

The MTA will continue to update members on the impact of the revised legislation on employment conditions.