MTA SA and NT – Stronger together!

Public news

MTA NT members will be gaining access to our membership services and provides an exciting opportunity for a revitalised MTA brand within the Northern Territory.

The MTA NT Board made a carefully considered decision for their members to receive an increased range of support such as our Workplace Relations, Industry, Divisional and Advocacy services.

Rodger Sewell, Membership Representative from MTA NT said, “Over the last two to three years, the Board of the MTA NT have been discussing our future. The conversation always ended up based around us merging with another, larger MTA association so we could deliver more products and services to our current and future members.”

“The MTA NT Board is very excited with this agreement with MTA SA as it provides an ability to supply a much bigger menu of products to all our members.”

MTA CEO, Paul Unerkov said, “Northern Territory members will be receiving an expanded range of services, knowledge and expertise of our Industry Specialists and Workplace Relations team, in addition to our relentless advocacy on behalf of the industry that South Australian members have been benefitting from over many years.”

“I look forward to working with members in the Northern Territory and visiting many of them in the future.”

Now is a great to time review what your membership provides you and how you can get the most out of it!

  • Access to five dedicated Workplace Relations Specialists who can assist you with legal advice, work, health and safety, HR and award rates
  • Industry and advocacy support
  • Access to the knowledge and insight of our dedicated Industry Engagement Specialists across the automotive retail, service and repair sector
  • Continued discounts through selected Business Partners. Click here for a list of our partners
  • Regular communications to ensure that you are kept informed on issues relating to your businesses
  • Access to MTA Print and Stationary member discounts
If you require any assistance in relation to the support and growth of your automotive business, call us on (08) 8291 2000, or click here to email us.