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The Motor Trade Association of South Australia (MTA), in partnership with Tradiebot Industries, launched the Automotive Innovation Hub last week.

The Innovation Hub will be based at the MTA’s Training and Employment Centre at Royal Park and will focus on showcasing industry 4.0 automotive skills through new training programs and R&D innovation in the service and repair sector. The Automotive Innovation Hub will also play an essential role in promoting career opportunities to prospective apprentices and schools as part of our Schools Pathways Program.

Importantly for the 900 plus apprentices which we currently train, the Automotive Innovation Hub will provide exposure to new digital technology tools and skills that automotive businesses and consumers are demanding now or in the not too distant future.

Inaugural partner of the Automotive Innovation Hub and Australian based innovative leader, Tradiebot Industries, will be showcasing a number of new technologies and training solutions that will help achieve advances in productivity, efficiency and developments within the automotive service and repair sector. These new technologies include new software and material to allow the practical use of virtual and augmented reality and 3D printing. Demand for these products is now worldwide and we will be bringing them to the state through the Automotive Innovation Hub.

The Minister for Innovation and Skills, Hon. David Pisoni MP, congratulated the MTA and Tradiebot Industries on the launch of the Automotive Innovation Hub saying, “I commend the MTA and Tradiebot Industries for partnering on this initiative which demonstrates how important it is for vocational education and training to be up to date with the latest in modern technology.”

“The skills required for jobs across various sectors are increasingly being developed with the use of new technology and training methods, and it’s important that we continue to develop a skilled workforce in the automotive industry.”

“It’s critical that we continue to grow the number of apprentices and trainees in South Australia by working with industry to meet the skills needs of our state’s existing and emerging industries, so that we can boost our economy, build productive infrastructure, grow our exports, and create long-term career pathways.”

Click here to see Premier Steven Marshall’s video on the Automotive Innovation Hub.

Automotive Refinishing Technology Apprentice, Amber Jones, said, “I really wanted to be a Vehicle Painter but if I had seen this beforehand, I would have been 100% straight away, ready to run. I think it’s great and it shows where the industry is heading. It will definitely spark interest in others.”

Automotive Technician Apprentice, Aaron Egan, said, “Being able to practice the technique, and being able to see where you are covering and where you are not, is great."

The MTA’s CEO, Paul Unerkov said, “This new technology makes training more enjoyable and a lot easier for apprentices to learn a trade. It will change the way the industry is perceived.”

“We’re excited to bring the Automotive Innovation Hub to life and to work with such a forward thinking Australian company as Tradiebot, delivering these new tools and technologies to the automotive service and repair sector in South Australia. The Innovation Hub will be the core for delivering new skills, training and advancing technologies to our current and future workforce.”

“This will provide schools and students a new perspective to the trade and highlight the stimulating career opportunities in our industry that is starving for new, fresh talent.”

Tradiebot Industries showcased a number of their new technologies and training solutions including a virtual reality spray painting simulator, augmented reality smart tools that allow Automotive Technicians to access live repair and service information on vehicles with a touch of a button on their mobile phone or smart devices and their newly released 3D printed parts used for car repairs.

Mario Dimovski, CEO of Tradiebot Industries said, “This is a perfect partnership and location to launch such a venture and kick start the local automotive service, repair and digital manufacturing industry in SA.”

“Tradiebot is an industry leader in automotive innovation and we aim to transfer these skills and technologies through this centre to the local industry and students that will make up the future of our workforce. The MTA has set the trend and is leading the way in Australia tackling ongoing issues and thinking about the future of the industry.”

“We have some very exciting plans for the centre and the state. We have already started talks with potential universities, industry and Government partners to conduct future R&D activities in the hub in order to develop ground breaking innovation and technology that targets automotive repair and servicing that is very exciting and new for the state.”

The initiative is in its early stages but discussions are already taking place with other collaborative partners from local automotive manufacturers (OEMs), automotive businesses, suppliers, government bodies and industry associations who can add value to the Automotive Innovation Hub and its objectives.

Be sure to visit the new Automotive Innovation Hub website too!