MTA RTO developing online learning materials to meet popular trend

Public news

Our curriculum designers are busy developing online content, including videos, designed into ‘bite-sized’ chucks for apprentices before they enter our classrooms.

The MTA’s General Manager Training and Employment Centre, Tim Buckley said, “The benefits of online self-paced learning is that apprentices will be able to study at their own pace in a comfortable environment and will importantly link learning to on-the-job workplace experiences. This will assist in developing competencies and benefit employers by increasing the productivity of apprentices, both industry employed and hosted MTA apprentices who train through the MTA’s RTO.”

“Another positive of online self-paced learning is that apprentices will gain underpinning knowledge prior to attending trade school to complete their studies. This will save classroom time, increase workshop practical time and provide a quicker time to competency”, Tim said.

This doesn’t mean that our training will move 100% online by any means, but it will ensure that your apprentice has the resources they need to be better prepared for their classes, get their course’s unit knowledge assessed quicker and into the MTA’s training workshops for skills assessment in a timely manner.

Watch this space as your MTA is evolving to meet customer demands and better engage with apprentices.