MTA Christmas shutdown days and emergency contacts

Public news

Greenhill Road Office:

The MTA’s Greenhill Road office will be closed from 5pm on Monday, 24 December and will be re-opening at 8.30am on 2 January 2019.

However, there will be a skeleton crew available on Monday 24 December for any IR / WR issues which may arise in your workplace. You can contact us by calling 8291 2000.

Greenhill Road Office Emergency Contacts:

  • General Manager, Anna Moeller on 0431 191 613
  • For all media enquiries, call Daniel Forbes on 0447 476 497
  • For all WR / IR issues, call Gary Coppola on 0401 674 272
  • For all other general enquires, call Nathan Robinson on 0418 829 918

Training and Employment Centre:

MTA’s GTS will be shut from this Friday 21 December and will re-open at 8.30am on 2 January 2019.

Although we expect the majority of host employers to be closed during this period, apprentice safety is still a priority. Our WHS and RTW Coordinator Cos Lamberto is the emergency contact in regards to any WHS issues that arise for apprentices. You can contact Cos by calling 0409 934 580.

For all other enquiries in regards to the Training and Employment Centre, please contact the General Manager, Tim Buckley on 0418 841 882.