Be wary of DIY electric vehicle repairs and retrofitting

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In a recent report by the Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA), there are approximately 300 home-made battery electric vehicles (BEV) around the nation and this number could increase as consumers look at cheaper alternatives and reducing their emissions.

The MTA is cautioning members who may be servicing or have serviced a home-made battery electric vehicle as there are risks involved in working on these vehicles.

Modern BEVs utilise higher current and voltages which do have the potential to seriously injure or kill someone who has limited automotive experience in working with these types of vehicles.

There are a couple of very important factors that MTA members must be aware of before servicing an electric or hybrid vehicle.

There is currently no legislation governing whether a mechanic can or can’t repair hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) or all electric vehicles (BEV). However, if a home-made vehicle has been retrofitted and converted to all electric or hybrid from a petrol engine in a “home-made job” scenario, the MTA’s advice is not to perform any work on it.

If you have any concerns regarding a HEV or BEV that you believe has been converted from its original design configuration, do not hesitate to contact the MTA’s Industrial Lawyer Chris Mahoney by clicking here.

The MTA does offer two HEV / BEV courses. A one day course which covers the safety related side of HEV / BEVs and the five day course which builds on the one day course, taking participants into more depth regarding how these types of vehicles function. Click here to register your interest in attending one of these courses.