The MTA’s Careers Day is fast approaching

Public news

The MTA will be holding our annual Careers Day at the Training and Employment Centre, 3 Frederick Road, Royal Park on Wednesday 26 September.

There will be two sessions - 1pm until 3pm and 5pm until 8pm.

The Careers Day is a crucial part of the ongoing pathways we are creating for young people who are looking at a career in the automotive industry in a range of trades.

Group Training Organisation Manager Jason Polgreen says that the Careers Day is vital in giving young people hands on experience in the trades are available to provide.

“The Careers Day is our way of showing what the industry can provide in terms of opportunities that are available. Young people get the opportunity to try a trade under the guidance of our MTA Trainers covering Motor Mechanics, Vehicle Painting, Panel Beating and Heavy Vehicles. The day is structured in such a way that each MTA Trainer provides an interactive demonstration of what you can expect on the job and how the MTA can support young people in getting employment.”

Jason explains to schools that pathways programs must change and advances in the automotive industry are not being acknowledged by the education system. We are changing that.

“I hear too often from parents and teachers that they haven’t considered careers in the automotive industry for their kids because there are no jobs and that just isn’t true. This mindset needs to change because the fact is, we are in the middle of a skills shortage with many opportunities available. Changes are on the way and we are providing the skills necessary for the automotive workforce of the future."

For more information about the MTA’s Careers Day, contact the Training and Employment Centre on 8241 0522 or email Jason Polgreen by clicking here