MTA trained apprentices getting real Motorsport experience

Public news

The MTA’s Motorsport Repair Team took part in the Supersprint at The Bend recently with five apprentices working in Supercar teams and eight repairing other classes of damaged vehicles.

To view a montage of the event, click below.

You can view images and footage from the event on the MTA’s Apprenticeships Facebook Page by clicking here.

Second year Motor Mechanic apprentice Toby Mills, hosted at BJ Auto Engineers was very excited to be taking part in Brad Jones Racing saying, “It’s great working for Brad Jones Racing. I absolutely love the tyre and suspension work, changeovers and the general pressure that you are put under here.”

Second year Motor Mechanic Heath MacFarlan, hosted at Adelaide Motors was given the chance of a lifetime, working with DJR Team Penske saying, “It’s a pretty incredible experience to see what they do. I’m very excited to be here doing anything they need me to, like pushing cars out of the pits, cleaning up and moving tyres around.”

The MTA’s Motorsport Repair Team crew members were busy during the event, repairing other classes of damaged vehicles. Under the guidance of MTA trainers John Politis, David Pullman, James Williams, Matthew MacDonald and Rob Capelli, eight automotive apprentices got hands on, fast paced repair work experience.

Second year Panel Beating apprentice Lachlan Meagher, hosted at Artini Crash Repairs said that although this was his second time taking part in the MTA’s Motorsport Repair Team, he utilised his skills learnt on the job.

“We do need to repair the cars quickly but it’s good that you also get time to go and watch the cars race. When a car does roll in for repair, you do need to work hard but we also have fun working with each other.