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Tradiebot Industries is a leading Auto Innovation company and the inaugural partner of the MTA’s Automotive Innovation Hub.

As an industry leader in applications such as augmented reality (AR), virtual training (VR), 3D printing, robotic repairs and manufacturing solutions, Tradiebot is at the forefront of technology innovation in Australia.

Tradiebot will be showcasing a number of new technologies to the Automotive Innovation Hub including their products; WorxAR, RepairBot and SprayVIS.

Click the videos below to learn more about these new technologies coming to the Automotive Innovation Hub!

WorxAR is a smart vision-based platform that provides detailed repair content on a smart device to Automotive Technicians. The software can be tailored to a business, integrating with parts, vehicles, customer management systems and displays repair manuals, operating procedures, all in a digital format.

WorxAR -

Tradiebot Industries partnered with Swinburne University of Technology and the Innovative Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre to create RepairBot, which makes use of robotics and 3D printing to repair broken vehicle parts such as lugs, brackets, pins and other fixtures.

RepairBot -

SprayVIS allows users to be placed in a realistic simulated spray painting training scenario, receiving real-time feedback and progress tracking. This leads to improvements in training outcomes for Automotive Refinishing Technicians, cutting down costs and consumables and stimulating interest from a younger demographic.

SprayVIS -