MotoCap - Motorcycle Clothing Assessment Program

Public news

On 17 September, a rating system for motorcycle clothing was launched through the NSW Minister for Transport, called MotoCap - Motorcycle Clothing Assessment Program. It rates, on a star scale of one to five, the safety and comfort of leading brands’ jackets, pants and gloves. Boots may be included in the future. The program aims to give the motorcycle community more information when making choices about the clothing they wear while riding.

The MTA urges MIASA members to have a look at the website by clicking here.

While the only legal regulations currently existing for clothing when riding a motorcycle or scooter involves helmets, it is advisable that members are familiar with this program. It is a national initiative that is supported by the Motor Accident Commission of South Australia so we expect that your customers will have significant exposure to it.

Some clothing that you stock, or plan to stock, may have a poor rating according to this program and therefore may be much more difficult to sell. For example, a quick search on the website (which a customer could do on their phone inside your store) finds one jacket with a 2 star safety rating is more than double the cost of a jacket with 5 stars.

The MTA recommends that all your retail staff become familiar with MotoCap’s ratings of your stock.

MotoCap is an initiative that will be welcomed by motorcyclists. Riders who have ‘stepped off’ their motorcycle will testify that abrasion resistance and seam strength are critical components in surviving a crash without serious injuries.

If you have any questions, please contact the MTA's Industry Engagement Specialist, Nathan Groves by clicking here.