Mental health in the workplace

Public news

St John have recently partnered with your MTA to offer their services and componentry at a discounted rate, including training courses – one of which touches on an important subject across all workplaces, not just the automotive industry.

St John Ambulance SA is a self-funded charity that cares for the well-being of all South Australians through the provision of first aid at events, first aid training and products, youth development, and social inclusion programs.

“With any workplace these days, there’s an onus and responsibility on business owners and managers to look after the health of their staff, not just physically but mentally,” said Henry Cowell of St John.

“I think the course is really proactive in helping identify those triggers and behaviours that sometimes get missed and can manifest into more serious long-term health effects.”

While it can be difficult for small business owners to make the time for staff training, just like the Workplace Relations training the MTA offers, it should be seen as a worthwhile investment in terms of the return you can give to your staff, which in turn breeds a positive workplace culture.

“Mental health training and general awareness is applicable to anyone – even for your own benefit if you’re a sole trader, anyone can take some good things away from it,” said Henry.

“Work is a big part of life, but it’s the baggage that you take home with you too which our course aims to help with.”

More information about the mental health first aid course and other St John offerings can be found on their website: