May Vehicle and Motorcycle Registration Report

Public news

South Australia produced a total of 35,702 registrations in May covering new and used vehicles, representing a slight 1% year over year decrease, with 36,106 vehicles bring registered in May 2017.

The national new vehicle sales result for May was 2% down on May 2017. In comparison, South Australian new vehicle sales saw a 0.07% decrease on May 2017’s result and a 19% decrease on April sales.

However, there is pleasing news that while May saw a decrease in new car sales, the first five months of 2018 are approximately 10,000 new units ahead of the same time last year and the market is definitely on track to crack 1.2 million new vehicle sales for the calendar year.

The breakdown vehicle sales type saw Sports Utility Vehicles take the lead representing 42.6%, while passenger vehicles accounted for 32.5% of sales.

Used (light vehicle) registrations totalled 28,607. This was down 3% on May last year but up 13.5% on April this year, a good result.

It was pleasing to hear from the ACCC that it is communicating with the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure and other states’ Road Transport Authorities in finding a way to stop private to private transfers of vehicles currently affected by the Takata Airbags Recall. The MTA is hopeful that this will encourage more trade ins to licensed vehicle dealers.

There were 90 total motorcycle registrations in South Australia (new and used) more than April but a slight decrease of 56 units, year on year.

Used motorcycle registrations originating from dealers is again at 10%, which is on par with 2017’s results.

The MTA will continue to highlight to consumers of the importance of buying from a licensed dealer.

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