May Registration Reports

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In May, South Australia produced a total of 33,897 new and used registrations, representing a 5% decreases year-over-year, with 1,805 less vehicles registered than in May 2018 and 5% down on April this year.

New Sales

Nationally, May produced a total of 92,561 units, down 8.1% year-over-year. There was a substantial 23% increase on what was a very quiet April.

Locally, South Australia reported 5,626 sales. This is down 7.6% year-over-year and up 12% on April this year.

The year-over-year comparison of May registrations are as follows:

  • New Cars (light vehicles) down by 8% (-501) – 5,651 units
  • Motorcycles down by 30% (-87) – 199 units
  • Tractors and Industrial Machinery down by 28% (-75) – 191 units
  • Caravans even (-1) – 221 units
  • Truck and Bus up by 9% (+19) – 238 units

Used Sales

Used (Light vehicle) registrations (including first time registered in SA, which could be made up of interstate transfers, for example) totalled 27,663 (this includes all registrations including trade-ins, wholesale deals etc). This was 3.3% down Year-over-Year (-944 units) but 11% up on April.

Dealer sales
In May, dealer sales totalled 5,661 for the month. This is up 102 units Year-over-Year (+1.8%).
YTD: Dealer sales total 26,955.

Private sales
In May, private market totalled 14,113 vehicle transfers. This is down 7.7% Year-over-Year (15,294 units transferred in May 2018).

It is important for used car dealers to note that, with five months of trading in the books, dealer sales are slightly up (0.5%) and the private market is down by 6.5%.


In regards to motorcycle registrations in South Australia in May, there were 1,604 total registrations (new and used). This is 9% down on May 2018 (-151 units).

New registrations (at 199 units) were down 30% Year-over-Year (-87 units).

April’s used registrations of 1,370 were 4% down Year-over-Year (-60 units) and down 1.4% on April this year.

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