Mask mandate in NT

Public news

On New Year’s Eve 2021, the Chief Minister announced a Territory-wide indoor mask mandate was introduced from 6pm.

People in the NT will need to wear a mask while indoors unless they are eating, drinking, or 1.5m away from others. People will also need to continue to check-in everywhere they go. The new mask rule will also apply to people traveling in taxis and in public transport, as well as workplaces.

Exemptions will apply for private home-based settings, as well as people playing indoor sport, people under the age of 12, or children at primary schools, although high school-aged people are expected to comply.

The Chief Minister also announced that the NT will adopt the new national close contact definition. This means that a close contact will now be classified as someone who has spent four hours or more with a confirmed case in a household or household-like setting. Those contacts would only be required to quarantine for seven days.

From now on in the NT, a confirmed positive COVID case must isolate for seven days, and will need to produce a negative PCR test from day six to exit isolation.

If that person returns a positive result again on day six, then they must spend another seven days in isolation. Symptomatic close contacts must also isolate for seven days. They must get a PCR test in the first three days and then do a rapid antigen test (RAT) on day six.

Asymptomatic contacts must isolate for seven days. Instead of a PCR test, they must do a RAT test in the first three days and again on day six.

Unvaccinated contacts must spend 14 days in home quarantine, not seven. Unvaccinated positive cases must take a PCR test on day 12, and unvaccinated close contacts must take a RAT test on day 12 during their quarantine period.

Close contacts must use the G2G Now app to ensure they are complying with quarantine.

If you have any questions about the mask mandate or close contact definition, please contact:

  • MTA Membership and Division Manager, Nathan Groves on 0417 871 679; or
  • MTA Industry and Government Engagement Manager, Kaes Cillessen on 0400 811 632.