Looking for staff?

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A number of automotive businesses have been approaching our Group Training Organisation (GTO) in the last few weeks looking for staff.

We have a number of people who have passed interviews, many of whom are interested in a School Based Apprenticeship who are looking for work.

We also have a number of current MTA apprentices employed through our GTO who require hosts. If you would like to take one on, click here to contact GTO Manager, Jason Polgreen.

As many of you are affected by the skills shortage, speaking with our GTO is one avenue that should be explored and we’re here to assist in helping you get in contact with these individuals to ascertain whether they are a fit for your business.

Click here to access the list of those who have passed interviews and are ready for work.

Many of those on the list are looking for a school based apprenticeship and with the MTA trialing a new Flexible Options School Based Apprenticeships pilot program, this could prove to be advantageous for your business.

The new Flexible Options School Based Apprenticeships pilot program is designed to vastly increase the amount of time that a school based apprentice can spend with an employer or host while also completing Year 11 and 12 and obtaining their SACE. In the past, businesses have often struggled with taking on a School Based Apprentice for the reason that the apprentice only spends one or two days per week on the job. This program increases that to almost full time, in some cases and we are currently working with a number of young people who are looking at this new program as an option.

To learn more about the new model being trialed, click here.

For confidentiality reasons, the list only contains the trade in which they are interested in and their suburb.

For specific details in relation to any of those on the list or taking on a School Based Apprentice, click here to contact GTO Manager, Jason Polgreen or call the Training and Employment Centre at Royal Park on 8241 0522.