Looking at hiring a skilled migrant?

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The Department of Innovation and Skills has been facilitating Information Sessions across the state in relation to how businesses can take advantage of the new Designated Area Migration Agreements (DAMA). These new agreements streamline the process to for businesses that are looking at hiring skilled migrants in trades identified as a high priority.

We facilitated an automotive specific Information Session, at MTA House last week where Immigration SA staff explained details in relation to the new DAMAs and how members can access skilled migrants in occupations not available under conventional skilled migration programs.

Dianne Casale from Immigration SA said, “Our role is to help bring those who have much needed skills. It’s about brining skill sets into SA that businesses like yours need if you can’t find it locally.”

The new DAMAs have been in effect since July this year and mark a five year agreement between the State Government and the Commonwealth, allowing businesses to have easier access to skilled migrants, after all other avenues to hire Australia citizens have been exhausted.

At the Information Session, Immigration SA provided an information pack highlighting the support that they can provide, process and costs for using a DAMA and essential contact details.

Click here to access the information pack.

While members still hold concerns relating to the retention of skilled migrants, these new agreements begin to address this concern, ensuring that skilled migrants nominated under a DAMA must stay with the business that is sponsoring them.

This is good news as previously, members who have hired migrants through conventional Visas, have experienced a financial loss when the migrant suddenly leaves the business and goes elsewhere. Under the new agreements, the skilled migrant will need to find another sponsor before leaving to work somewhere else.

Members who have hired skilled migrants through conventional Visas have expressed frustration over how long and complicated the process can be. However, Immigration SA staff said during the Information Session that the process of the new DAMAs can be over in less than three months, not 12 months or longer as some members have found through other methods and that some of the English language barriers have been lifted, all in an effort to fill important skills needs.

If you require any information about the DAMA agreements not covered in the information pack, click here to contact Immigration SA.

If you are looking at hiring a skilled migrant, we highly recommend that you look the DAMA process as another avenue to fight the skills shortage!

Click here to contact your Industry Engagement Specialist, Nathan Groves, if you have any automotive specific questions relating to the agreements.