Last call for submissions to the collision repair and insurance industry inquiry!

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This is your last chance to make a submission to the Economic and Finance Committee’s Inquiry into the collision repair and insurance industry!

Submissions are due by this Friday, the 6th of September!

If you or your customers have ever experienced unjust treatment from an insurance company, the Economic and Finance Committee wants to hear about it!

You are reminded that you have until this Friday, the 6th of September to make a submission to the Committee.

If you would like to access our Information Pack, which includes details on the Terms of Reference for the Inquiry and importantly, how you can make a submission and what to do if you are asked to provide evidence in person at a Committee Hearing, click here to contact your Industry Engagement Specialist, Paul Back.

Together, we can highlight the pressure that insurance companies have been placing on you and your customers, having a negative impact on your business.

If you have previously lodged an Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR), these are perfect examples of the types of evidence that can be submitted, so get cracking!

This inquiry is a significant step for all Body Repair Specialist Division members and we have been lobbying very hard for this Inquiry which will examine the costs and benefits of a Repair Industry Code of Conduct.

Click here to hear from Chair of the Economic and Finance Committee, Sam Duluk MP, about why you should contribute!

It is important for members that a Code of Conduct is mandated to ensure there is a better co-operative relationship between collision repairers and insurance companies and that your business and your customers are protected from unjust pressure from insurance companies.

If you have any last questions about the inquiry, click here to email Paul Back.

Remember, we won’t get another opportunity for an inquiry like this!