July Vehicle and Motorcycle registrations

Public news

There were positives and negatives for car and motorcycle dealers in South Australia for July

In July, SA produced a total (New & Used) of 36,515 registrations. Important analysis on this data is a 3% increase Year-over-Year with 1,041 more vehicles registered than in July 2017 (35,474). Used car transfers contributed strongly with a 2% increase on July 2017 and a huge 11.4% increase on June but new vehicle sales slowed dramatically

July proved to be a slight speed bump in the race to 1.2 million new vehicle sales for the year with only 85,551 recorded nationally. This is 7.8% down on July 2017 and 34% down on June. This puts the total Year-to-Date number below last year’s running rat

SA was also down with 5,022 less new units. This was 11.3% down on July 2017 and 34% down on the previous month

Used (Light vehicle) registrations (including first time registered in SA, which could be made up of interstate transfers) totalled 29,852. This was up 2% on July last year (+626 units) and up by 11.4% on June (+3,055 units).

Dealer transfers to combined Private and Business entities (licensed vehicle dealers’ standard trading) totalled 5,974 for the month compared to 5,416 in Jun, an impressive 10.3% increase.

There is an explanation for last month’s comment on the spike in government to business transfers and thank you to an MTA member for pointing this out to us. The RDNS took over the Domiciliary Care function from the government, so on 29 June, approximately 140 vehicles changed hands.

Total registrations for motorcycles were up in July and there was a slight downturn in private to private sales, which is good to see.

There were 1,555 total registrations (new and used). This is 102 units more than July 2017 (+7.0%) and 117 units up on June (+8.1%).

New registrations (at 272 units) were only slightly down from July last year at 282. This was also an increase from June of 27 units (+11%).

July’s used registrations of 1283 were 10% up on July last year (112 units) and 7% up on June (90 units).

Dealer to Private registrations for the year have averaged 114 units and July was on par with 117.

Private to Private registrations for the year have averaged 945 units so it was good to see a downturn in that space to only 847 units this month. In fact, June and July have been the two lowest Private to Private results this year.

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