January Registration Reports

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In January, SA produced a total (New & Used) of 32,886 registrations. This picks up all transfers including sales, trade-ins to dealers and dealer-to-dealer transactions.

This represents a 5% decrease Year-on-Year with 1,711 less vehicles registered than in January 2019. Unfortunately, once again, the new car market has had a large effect on the total registrations result.

New vehicle registrations

In regards to new vehicle sales in SA, we reported 4,517 units. This is 10.5% down (-532 units) on January 2019.

Nationally, January produced 71,731 reported units, down 12.5% Year-on-Year (-10,263 units).

This is the first month that FCAI have adopted the position of only reporting vehicles in VFACTS that have been physically registered. The MTA, amongst other automotive industry bodies, have advocated for a truer representation of new vehicle sales data and it’s good to see that moving forward, we will hopefully get a more accurate reflection of the market with the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) improving the integrity of its VFACTs data. As of January this year, the sales system has started to be verified against the national registration database, giving a truer reflection of sales data, as regulators are being called upon to crack down on ‘cyber cars’.

Used (Light vehicle) registrations (including first time registered in SA, which could be made up of interstate transfers, for example) totalled 27,734 (this includes all registrations including trade-ins, wholesale deals etc). This was 2% up Year-on-Year (+ 508 units).

December: Dealer sales totalled 5,778 for the month. This is up 1.6% (+91 units) Year-on-Year (5,687 Dealer Sales in January 2019). The Private market totalled 12,762 vehicle transfers. This is down 0.7% (-89 units) Year-on-Year (12,851 Private Sales in January 2019).


There were 1,856 total registrations (new and used). This is 6% up Year-over-Year.

New registrations (at 251 units) were up 17% Year-over-Year (+36 units). 11 of the top 12 brands reported the same or better than January 2019.

January’s used registrations of 1,455 were down 6% Year-over-Year (-100 units). Dealer to Private registrations, at 122 units, were an increase on 2019 (102) but slightly less than 2018 (126).