Injured MTA Apprentice makes a full recovery

Public news

A First Year Light Vehicle Technician Apprentice accidentally suffered a fractured right middle finger as a result of using a coil spring compressor.

The apprentice was immediately treated onsite by the First Aid Officer and then attended hospital requiring surgery. After two weeks off work, the treating doctor certified the apprentice fit to return to work on a Gradual Return to Work Plan (GRTWP) working reduced hours and on modified duties.

A meeting was then arranged between all parties with the host employer immediately advising they were able to provide suitable work hardening duties and support the apprentice with his rehabilitation back to work. It is fantastic to report that after 12 weeks the apprentice has made a full recovery and returned to pre-injury duties as a Light Vehicle Technician.

It is also great to see that there is such a high awareness and support in host employers providing short term work hardening duties to assist injured workers make a full recovery.

Well done Steinborner Holden Gawler for the great work in supporting Return to Work programs!

The MTA works with a number employers and workers to manage their Return to Work matters. If you need any assistance in Return to Work, contact Cos Lamberto at MTA by clicking here.