Increasing road safety awareness and support among our apprentices

Public news

Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology Apprentice, Daniel Vergo, woke up on a very hot 16th of January this year and said he just knew something was going to go wrong.

Daniel, who makes the trip from Mt Barker to Royal Park said, “I had to overtake a bus on the South Eastern Freeway and as I was pulling out in front, I’ve realised that he hasn’t seen me. I tried to brake to avoid being hit but the front brake on my motorcycle locked up. I ended up in the emergency lane which is a lot rougher than the road surface and lost control. I went sliding about 60 meters up the road.”

“I managed to get up and walk off to the side but when I realised how bad my injuries were, I lay down. Someone pulled over and they made the call. I ended up in hospital a short while later.”

“I kept saying to myself that morning that even though it was hot, if I wasn’t wearing the right safety gear, an accident could get a lot worse and I was right, it could have been a lot worse.”

Daniel said that he wanted to get back to work as soon as possible and last week, he was back in class saying, “I definitely wanted to get back to work. I finished Year 12 last year and I am only a couple of months into my training here, so I was keen to get back.”

“I have a passion for motorbikes and cars and my message to any apprentice is make sure you take care travelling to work and get there safe. Young people are not bullet proof and accidents happen.”

GTO Manager Jason Polgreen followed up with Daniel on his first day back to ensure that the MTA could do all it can in relation to paperwork assistance and getting Daniel back to work.

Daniel was also able to access the MTA GTO’s Journey Insurance which covers 85% of apprentice’s gross salary for up to 104 weeks for injury and temporary disablement and in case of death $100,000. This is an MTA initiative available to all apprentices which covers travel to and from work as worker’s compensation only applies once the worker has arrived at the workplace.

As part of all new MTA Apprentice Inductions, SAPOL presents a 90 minute course on road safety in an effort to reduce accidents and fatalities. This is just one of the strategies that the MTA has implemented to ensure that our apprentices remain safe while travelling to work, when at work and leaving at the end of their day. Arrive to work safe, go home safe!

The MTA is available to assist any apprentice in returning to work and we wish Daniel all the best for a speedy recovery!