Increasing engagement with industry and continuous improvement

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Our ongoing review of the automotive industry's requests and review of our learning materials ensures our training remains relevant for industry. Our trainers continue to be out and about, talking to businesses about what skills automotive technicians need today and into the future. This is all part of the MTA’s commitment to providing work ready apprentices for your workshops from day one of their apprenticeship.

It can be the case that when someone completes training or a qualification, real world experience is lacking when they first arrive in the workplace. Increasing our engagement with industry is designed to prevent this. Asking hosts what their methods are and ensuring that the apprentices we train are well equipped with relevant industry knowledge the moment they set foot into a business is central to providing you with well trained and productive workers.

MTA Trainer in Light Vehicles Danielle John is just one trainer who has been actively involved in the Training and Employment Centre’s continuous improvement process, identifying areas for improvement.

“The biggest issue that is continually raised with us is time! Giving apprentices the time they need to develop is the key to getting them industry ready. We work as a team to be organised and coordinate direct instruction from qualified mechanics which correlates to a hands on learning approach for everyone in our training programs.”

“The fundamental part in this hands on learning approach is working together to give apprentices routine and simulated work experience at the MTA prior to placement in industry, giving them the support structures they need to assist their goals.”

It is crucial to the success of the automotive industry in South Australia that our trainers increase engagement with hosts and employers to gain a better understanding of your skills and training needs. This can only lead to a better apprentice. So if you have a MTA trainer come to your workshop, be sure to outline what you would like in the next generation of automotive technicians.

If you are keen to take on an MTA trained apprentice, email Group Training Organisation Manager Jason Polgreen by clicking here.

If you have any further questions about the MTA’s continuous improvement and how we can address your training needs, click here to email Registered Training Organisation Manager Mario Marrone.