Important BRD determination

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The national repair association network of Body Repair Divisions including the MTA, MTAA, AMBRA and VACC have been working tirelessly to have the Code and dispute matters addressed in a professional manner in order to restore fairness in relations between insurers and body repairers.

VACC has announced that a determination has been made by the Victorian Small Business Commission of great importance to insurer-repairer relations, not only in Victoria but across Australia.

The finding was against the insurer on the basis they dictated an unsubstantiated rate using unrealistic times and the insurer for their inflexibility and insistence to apply a $54.00 rate without negotiating resulting in unreasonable and capricious behaviour in contravention of the Code

The decision reinforces the importance of the following section of the Code:

12.7 Participation in Determination is mandatory for signatories. Signatories agree to be bound by the Approved Determination Scheme and the decision of the determination provider.

You can access the Determination by clicking here. This Determination is the first to be completed in Australia under the Code and highlights the strength of the Code when put to the test.

To access the VACC’s media release, click here.

For assistance with lodging an IDR or for information on the process, click here to email our Industry Engagement Specialist Paul Back.