Hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles on their way

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Many MTA members are already servicing battery electric and hybrid vehicles, getting to grips with new innovation and technology being seen our roads. However, there is another contender set to enter the market within the next five years!

Toyota Australia is aiming for an Australian release of its next-generation Mirai hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicle (FCEV) within the next five years.

Toyota Australia Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Sean Hanley said, “I’ve often believed that FCEV vehicles will accelerate very quickly in terms of introduction.”

“It won’t take the 20 years that hybrid has taken to get adoption, I think that will accelerate quickly.”

The biggest issue in relation to consumer uptake of FCEVs is refuelling and associated hydrogen supporting infrastructure as well as adequate training and access to service and repair information.

Toyota is one of a couple of manufacturers, including Hyundai, planning to install hydrogen refuelling stations in Melbourne and one has already been installed in Sydney. However, Sean Hanley said that he anticipates infrastructure for FCEVs to also accelerate quickly.

The introduction of FCEVs is yet another reason why members should be aware of new automotive innovation set to enter the industry as manufacturers look towards cleaner methods of transportation.

Original article sourced here from GoAuto.