HVNL Review Issues Papers wrap and the next steps for the NTC

Public news

The National Transport Commission (NTC) has concluded the identification of issues the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) review.

The areas of the HVNL covered were:

  • Risk-based regulation
  • Effective fatigue management
  • Easy access to suitable routes
  • Safe people and practices
  • Vehicle standards and safety
  • Assurance models
  • Effective enforcement

The key messages from our consultation have been to highlight that the heavy vehicle industry has such diverse operations that a “one size fits all” approach does not work and a scheme that is too prescriptive can cause too many other issues.

We thank members who contributed to our submissions over the last six months, particularly those who attended various divisional meetings and working groups. One of the MTA’s key pillars is that direction is set by members. We can communicate the ideas but your experience, knowledge and insight into industry issues is critical in that communication.

The NTC is now pivoting from identifying problems to generating solutions and the next phase of work will be about developing and analysing policy options for the future HVNL. A Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement will be released in early 2020 which we will distribute to members when it is released.

On a separate, yet connected matter, last week the Federal Government announced the extension of an initiative that will make it easier and more flexible for truck drivers operating under the Advanced Fatigue Management (AFM) and Basic Fatigue Management (BFM) assurance models to use their vehicles outside work hours.

While we recognise that this is only an advantage to a small amount of our members (those that subscribe to an AFM or BFM model) we are pleased that this seems to be a pre-cursor to a more risk-based and less prescriptive future in Heavy Vehicle operations.

Upon the release of the Regulatory Impact Statement we will once again be seek your expertise.

If you would like to know more, please contact your Industry Engagement Specialist, Nathan Groves by clicking here.