Road Safety should be prioritised as further delays announced to the HVIS

Public news

The MTA is disappointed in today’s announcement that the State Government has been unable to award a tender for Stage Two of the Heavy Vehicle Inspection Scheme (HVIS).

MTA CEO Paul Unerkov said “We are the worst performing State on the mainland for road safety. If we were to match the Victorian fatality rate of 3.95 per 100,000 population, 47 South Australian lives could have been saved in the 12 months to March*.

“It’s time we got serious about road safety.

“The way the community, business and Government have worked together through the Coronavirus pandemic should show us all that there is a way we can address road safety which will save South Australian lives.

“The need for a mandatory HVIS was demonstrated by the success of Stage One of the scheme where approximately 900 vehicles were inspected in the first half of 2017 with an alarming 58% of vehicles found to be non-compliant. 29% were faults with lights and reflectors, however 1 in 5 faults related to brakes.

“There are too many heavy vehicles on our roads that are simply unsafe. Let’s hope this long weekend is fatality free.”