How can the Workplace Relations team help you (and what can we not do)?

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Free Resources

As part of your membership, you can get advice and representation on any matters relating to Workplace Relations, industrial Relations, Human Resources, pay rates, WHS, worker’s compensation and environmental issues.

For each enquiry or incident, the first 90 minutes is provided free of charge, and after that, is charged at a reduced hourly rate just for members.

We can represent you in any industrial tribunal (such as the Fair Work Commission and South Australian Employment Tribunal), although we may occasionally recommend engaging an external lawyer for complex matters running to hearing, and can represent you in mediations in customer disputes. This free service is our most commonly accessed, and most enquiries are resolved quickly and well within the 90 minutes, and for those (generally disputes) that take longer, the cost is significantly less than engaging a private lawyer.

While we often assist with customer disputes, and can provide general advice and guidance around some other legal issues, we are not able to directly represent you in any legal matters (including property transactions and sales of business), and cannot file documents for you or appear in courts. While we provide general guidance around taxation, especially as related to pay, we also do not have expert taxation specialisation. For these areas, after some initial guidance, we will often recommend you seek independent expert advice.

We also cannot directly assist with disputes between members, but if all parties are willing, we can provide for a small charge a mediation service to assist the members in resolving the dispute between themselves, while avoiding costly legal action.

A range of free resources, including wage guides, fact sheets, template documents and template policies and SOP’s are available through our member portal, as well as by enquiry. Members also get updated on current issues and changes in the area through regular communications such as this, our CEO Report and our WR Monthly newsletter. These free resources should often be a member’s first option when needing information or assistance.

The MTA also represent the industry by advocating with government, Safe Work SA and Return to Work SA, and Fair Work Commission and the Fair Work Ombudsman, on changes to legislation and regulations, reviews of Modern Awards and the annual wage reviews. This is an important part of our role as the industry organisation.

Discounted Resources

The WR team offer a range of additional resources for a discounted price to members. These include a range of specialised documents, such as our WR & WHS Manual, Employee Induction Manual, specialised policies and documents, and our 7 steps to safety program. We also offer two competitive programs; our Green Stamp environmental accreditation, and our Employment Relations Information System for WHS and HR.

In addition, we offer a range of services such as evacuation maps, WHS and HR/Payroll audits or inspection, drug testing and electrical testing & tagging.

One of our most important services is our training, which covers a range of topics around workplace relations, human resources and WHS, and is an excellent way for our members to increase their knowledge and avoid costly claims.

If you want more information about any of our services, check out our member portal, or contact the WR team on

If you haven't yet visited the MTA Member Portal, we highlight recommend that you login by clicking here and check out the resources available.