Host and apprentice surveys. Your opinion matters to us!

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The MTA's Training & Employment Centre is committed to a policy of continuous improvement. Our host, apprentice and trainee surveys are part of this commitment.

Feedback from hosts and apprentices in these surveys will help us become both a better employer and trainer and they are a great opportunity for you to tell us in your own words what is working, what isn’t and what we need to improve moving forward.

Apprentices also get the opportunity to win a $250 SP Tools voucher.

Hosts and apprentices have been sent different surveys to complement their different needs of the MTA’s Training and Employment Centre.

Apprentices can access their survey by clicking here.

Hosts can access their survey by clicking here.

Ongoing reviews of the South Australian automotive industry’s requests, learning materials, as well as the MTA’s engagement with local automotive businesses are the driver for the Training and Employment Centre’s mission for continuous improvement.

Our trainers are increasing their engagement with hosts, talking to businesses about what skills automotive technicians need today and into the future, continuously seeking to improve our training methods. This is all part of the MTA’s commitment to providing work ready apprentices for your workshops from day one of their apprenticeship.

It can be the case that when someone completes training or a qualification, real world experience is lacking when they first arrive in the workplace. Increasing our engagement with industry is designed to prevent this and our surveys are critical in understanding how our training is working for apprentices. Asking hosts what their methods are and ensuring that the apprentices we train are well equipped with relevant industry knowledge the moment they set foot into a business is central to providing you with well trained and productive workers.

If you have any questions about the MTA’s continuous improvement or the host and apprentice surveys, click here to email General Manager of the Training and Employment Centre Tim Buckley.