Have a No Mobile Phone at work policy?

Public news

In April, the Fair Work Commission found the sacking of a long term employee, for breaching the company’s mobile phone policy to be unfair, the toolbox communication being “poorly organised”.

Commissioner Harper-Greenwell severely criticised the HR Manager stating there was an inconsistent approach to mobile phone use in loading bays storage areas and the factory. Toolbox meeting attendees received no written materials outlining the proposed changes to the mobile phone policy to a zero tolerance on mobile phone usage and there was no evidence to support that its employees had been made aware of those documents, that the company failed to train the employees in the content of these documents and did not provide them with access to the documents.

What does this mean for MTA members who have employees working in areas where mobile phone usage could lead to severe risks to Work Health and Safety?

MTA members must make staff aware of and train employees in any updated policies and how it affects them. There must be a register of who attended and two way communication and in any session involving formal meetings, a feedback or questionnaire form should be filled in and signed by all those participating.

Contact the MTA’s Workplace Relations Department by calling 8291 2000 or by clicking here for appropriately drafted mobile phone resources, or any other policy you require.