Have a dispute with another MTA member?

Public news

Occasionally we receive requests for assistance from MTA members and upon enquiry we discover that both parties in the dispute are members of the MTA. This may occur if repair or other work is “sub-let” and a problem later arises.

What do we do?

We can’t take a “side” in such matters as it isn’t proper for the MTA to elevate the interests of one member over those of another member.

However, we can and will try to assist both parties to come together and find some common ground.

It may be that we seek agreement to refer a technical question to a third party who is acceptable to both members. We may informally liaise between the members to see if we can negotiate an agreed outcome. The MTA also offers a mediation service, whereby a nominated person, normally a senior MTA officer or employee, meets with the parties and formally intercedes to encourage them to agree.

We understand that sometimes the inability to take sides may seem frustrating, particularly in cases where a member feels there is no other “side to the story”, but our goal of assisting all members means we really have no choice. The MTA will do everything we can to assist in such matters, within that limitation.

As always, please contact us if you have any questions by clicking here.