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The MTA’s Workplace Relations team often deals with member enquiries regarding disputes over repair prices, timeliness, use of recycled parts, quality of completed jobs, warranty obligations, we hear it all!

The single common factor in most queries is that the member has not committed in writing exactly what they are doing, how long they anticipate it will take, and what the finished price will be.

If you say to a customer, “Two to four weeks and between $1500 and $2200”, all they will hear and remember is “Two weeks $1500”, and that is when the arguments begin.

A reminder to ALWAYS:

Quote in writing.

Always be realistic, if not pessimistic, regarding timelines and cost.

Make it clear that you will (or will not) use recycled parts.

Get a progress payment system (say $500 at particular stages) sorted out so that you aren’t left holding onto a bunch of parts that the customer refuses to pay for.

Don’t ever release a vehicle where there is money owing on repairs.

If you are concerned about your obligations, please click here to contact the WR team or call 8291 2000.