Franchising Code of Conduct Final Report

Public news

The Parliamentary Committee Inquiry has released the Final Report into the effectiveness and operation of franchising in Australia, which makes numerous recommendations to increase protections for automotive franchise businesses.

To view a summary of the key recommendations and outcomes for the automotive industry as we see them, please click here.

The report contains an entire chapter on the implications of franchising as it relates to the automotive industry, including car, heavy vehicle, motorcycle and farm and industrial machinery dealerships.

The Committee has not only recognised the advocacy of MTA-SA and the MTAA, but also the substantial contribution of dealers who related their actual experiences to the Inquiry.

The next step is for government to development a Regulatory Impact Statement to address the power imbalance between manufacturers and dealers that incorporates the Committee’s recommendations.

This report is recognition and confirmation of the experiences we have been highlighting to government. Our next is to ensure that government takes urgent action to address the problems identified by the Inquiry.

You can access the Full Report which contains all recommendations by clicking here.

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