Automotive industry to trial flexible options school based apprenticeships pilot program

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As an employer, you may have looked into hiring a school based apprentice.

A school based apprenticeship is essentially a part time apprenticeship which allows a high school student to continue their SACE studies. The student can commence their apprenticeship in years 10, 11 or 12 but the problem that many employers run into is that they would prefer their apprentice to work full time or close to it, rather than the minimum of eight hours (or one full working day) per week.

Flexible School Based Apprenticeships however, allow students to be in industry for 4 days per weekin year 11 and full time in year 12, while completing their SACE requirements.

This means that employers looking to take on a school based apprentice can have more time with the apprentice while they are in year 11 and 12 than was previously the case.

We recently had a year 11 student contact us about commencing a Flexible School Based Apprenticeship in Automotive Refinishing, available to work four days per week and eventually full time in 2020 when she reaches year 12. The process with the Department for Education and her school about making this particular situation has been a much more positive and streamlined process.

If you are interested in how a Flexible School Based Apprenticeship could benefit your business, while a student is completing their SACE, click here to contact our Recruitment and Project Officer, Mark Eckhold.

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