February Registration Reports

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Vehicle Summary for SA

In February, SA produced a total (New & Used) of 32,955 registrations. This picks up all transfers (sales, trade-ins to dealers, dealer-to-dealer transactions etc). This result was a 2% decrease Year-on-Year with 540 less vehicles registered than in February 2019.

New vehicle registrations breakdown (National and SA)

In regards to national new vehicle sales, February produced 79,940 reported units, down 8.2% Year-on-Year (-7,162 units).

In SA, we reported 5,099 units. This is 5.1% down (-277 units) on February 2019 but 13% up on January. DPTI’s numbers of new vehicle registrations actually shows 5,251.

Used vehicle registrations in SA

Dealer sales in SA totalled 5,611 for the month. This is up 5% (+268 units) Year-on-Year (5,343 Dealer Sales in February 2019).

The Private market in SA totalled 12,604 vehicle transfers. This is up 0.5% (+63 units) Year-on-Year (12,541 Private Sales in February 2019).

Dealer to Private Market Share in SA

In 2018, dealers in SA held 27.3% of the market (analysed from data showing from which sources individuals and ABN holders purchased their cars). That increased to 28.5% in 2019. That number continues to rise and after the first two months of 2020 dealers hold 29.0% of the market.

Click here to access the full vehicle Registration Report for February.

Motorcycles in SA

There were 1,883 total registrations (new and used) in SA in February. This is 7% up Year-over-Year (119 units).

New registrations in SA (at 222 units) were down 14% Year-over-Year (-35 units) in February.

February’s used registrations in SA of 1,617 were up 9% Year-over-Year (+131 units).

Dealer to Private registrations in SA, at 138 units, were an increase on 2019 (111) and 2018 (107).

Click here to access the full motorcycle Registration Report for February.

If you have any questions in regards to SA’s vehicle or motorcycle registration data, click here to contact Industry Engagement Specialist, Nathan Groves.