February Registration Reports

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In February, South Australia produced a total of 32,632 new and used registrations representing a 4% decrease year-over-year with 1,310 less vehicles registered than in February 2018 and a 2.4% decrease over January.

Nationally, February produced 87,102 units in relation to new vehicles sales, down 9.3% year-over-year (8,897 units). Nationally, new vehicle sales were also down 6.2% on January this year.

South Australia produced 5,376 units. This is down 5.1% on February 2018 by 289 units.

SUV’s continue to lead the market in South Australia with 43% of the share. Passenger vehicles took 32.7% of the share and other vehicles took 24.43% in February.

The year-over-year comparison of February registrations from 2018 to 2019 are as follows:

  • New Cars (light vehicles) down by 7% (-401)
  • Motorcycles down by 10% (-40)
  • Tractors and Industrial Machinery down by 15% (-32)
  • Caravans up by 11% (+15)
  • Truck and Bus down by 5% (-9)

Used light vehicle registrations (including first time registered in SA, which could be made up of interstate transfers, for example) totalled 26,442. This was 3% down on February last year (-863 units) and down 3% on January this year.

Dealer sales totalled 5,343 for the month of February. This is down 104 units year-over-year.

February’s private market totalled 13,728 vehicle transfers. This is down 5.7% year-over year (14,554 units transferred in February 2018).

Even though dealer sales experienced a year-over-year decline of 2%, the private market was down even further.


In regards to motorcycle registrations in South Australia, there were 1,791 total registrations (new and used). This is on par with February 2018 (+7 units) and down 1% on January this year.

New registrations (at 257 units) were down 10% on February 2018 (-71 units).

February’s used registrations of 1,479 were 5% down on January (-71 units) and 2% up year-over-year (+27).

Dealer to Private registrations, at 110 units, was only 8.5% of the market. The 2018 average was 9.6%.

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