MTA RTO updating our internal systems to better track apprentice learning and evolve training scheduling.

Public news

A major focus of MTA’s RTO over the last few months has been the improvement of our internal administration and scheduling systems, which are currently being updated to improve your apprentice’s training schedules and help to ensure that evidence for apprentice learning is better tracked.

The MTA’s TEC Systems Scheduling Coordinator, Lucas Kennedy spoke about updating our internal systems. Lucas said, “We have identified a number of administration and training scheduling pain points for our customers, being industry employers and hosts of MTA apprentices who train through the MTA.”

“These pain points revolve around when an apprentice is scheduled to be at trade-school, giving the employer or host little control over when their apprentice attends trade-school. In the past, we have sent letters out to hosts and employers outlining when an apprentice must be at our training facilities rather than giving them a choice of when an apprentice can be booked in.”

“We have risen to meet this challenge and as a result, are developing far more efficient student administration management systems which will give hosts and employers greater visibility over their student’s training and time at the MTA and when an apprentice will be at trade-school.”

If you would like to provide any feedback in regards to our training schedules and how we can better service your business needs, click here to email TEC Systems Scheduling Coordinator, Lucas Kennedy.