Essential Takata Airbags information.

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The ACCC was at MTA House last week for an exclusive Industry Briefing on the Compulsory Takata Airbags Recall Notice. This provided a valuable opportunity for MTA members to ask questions and for the ACCC Takata Taskforce to address issues currently being faced in South Australia.

All businesses who replace Takata Airbags are required to provide the ACCC with a Quarterly Completion Report which details recall and replacement rates with misdeployment’s reports and consumer complaints summary information.

The first report is due to be submitted to the ACCC by 13 July 2018 to

The ACCC has developed the ACCC Takata Compulsory Recall – Quarterly Report Form which you can access by clicking here. Members can also access the form on the Product Safety Australia website by clicking here.

Guidance for suppliers is listed below:

  • The form is comprised of the following two parts:
  • Part 1: the form for submission of Quarterly Completion Reports as required under Schedule 1 of the Recall Notice; and
  • Part 2: the form for submission of specified information required to be tracked and reported quarterly under section 11 of the Recall Notice.
  • Suppliers of vehicles are required to submit their Quarterly Completion Reports using Part 1 of the form. The following organisations are also required to submit a Quarterly Report under section 11 of the Recall Notice (summarising various information), and they must use Part 2 of the form to do so:
    • Vehicle manufacturers;
    • the Original Equipment Manufacturer of the Vehicle or a Related Body Corporate of the Original Equipment Manufacturer; or
    • a licensed distributor of the Original Equipment Manufacturer or of a Related Body Corporate of the Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • Suppliers who are licensed or approved under the Motor Vehicles Standards Act 1989 (Cth) and/or Motor Vehicles Standards Regulations 1989 (Cth) to supply new and/or second hand vehicles in Australia and are not one of the aforementioned Manufacturers or Related Corporate Bodies; are not required to complete Part 2 of the form, as they are not required to provide reports under subsection 11(7). Those suppliers should note, though, that they are still required to track and keep records of that data, and they must be prepared to provide it on request.
  • Although the first Quarterly Report is due to be submitted to the ACCC by no later than 13 July 2018, that first Report is not required to include Part 1 (as the first Quarterly Completion Report under Schedule 1 of the Recall Notice is not due to be submitted until 12 October 2018). Suppliers should only complete Part 2 of the Quarterly Report Form for the 13 July 2018 Report. Thereafter, Parts 1 and 2 should be completed and submitted, as applicable.
  • The data must be current as at the close of the month preceding the due date of the Report.
  • All terms in this form have the same definition/meaning as they do in the Recall Notice.
  • All fields must be completed unless marked with an asterisk (*). If information is unknown, please state ‘unknown’. If a field is not applicable, please state ‘N/A’.
  • When providing the model name of the Vehicle, please provide the model name under which the Vehicle is marketed and sold to consumers, not the model name used for certification purposes.
If you have any questions regarding the ACCC briefing or the Takata Airbags recall and your obligations, please email Nathan Groves by clicking here.