Are electric vehicles coming to your workshop or business?

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Presently, the sale of electric vehicles is low and hybrid vehicle sales could be classified as promising without being spectacular. Getting consumers on board by having Governments provide incentives, providing industry with support to train the next generation of electric vehicle service technicians and providing more charging infrastructure may be the keys to meeting targets set by Government.

The ACT Government has announced a plan to increase the local adoption of electric only vehicles, which includes the transition of its entire fleet to zero emission EVs by 2021. In preparation for the increased uptake of EVs, new charging stations will be installed at all ACT Government buildings and multi-unit and mixed used developments will also be required to cater for the increase in electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicle Council (EVC) Chief Executive Officer Behyad Jafari has said that based on consumer surveys, the biggest barrier for the uptake of electric vehicles is the availability of charging infrastructure to support it. There is also the issue of charging time but with many new charging stations being able to fully charge a battery in under 30 minutes, this problem is already being addressed.

Closer to home in South Australia, ‘range fear’ is still definitely a major concern for consumers looking to an EV for their next purchase. While metropolitan Adelaide currently has 13 publically listed EV charging stations, more must be put in place to increase consumer confidence and lower range fear.

Further abroad, Sweden has recently completed a 2km stretch of highway incorporating an ‘electric rail’ in which energy is transferred from two tracks in the road via a moveable arm attached the bottom of the vehicle. A gimmick or a clever solution to solving the range fear problem many consumers are facing?

If the outlay and rapid implementation of charging stations is not addressed, this crucial link will give no added confidence to consumers looking to purchase an EV in the near future, with the targets set by governments unlikely to not be met.