Electric Vehicle targets

Public news

A Bill Shorten Labor government is aiming for new national electric vehicle targets in the next eleven years including the following:

  • A national electric vehicle target of 50 per cent of new car sales by 2030
  • A government electric vehicle target of 50 per cent of new purchases and leases of passenger vehicles by 2025
  • Up front tax deductions to purchase electric vehicles for business purposes as part of Labor’s announced Australian Investment Guarantee. This will allow businesses to immediately deduct 20 per cent depreciation for EV vehicles valued at more than $20,000 as part of private fleets
  • Labor to establish an electric vehicle COAG agenda to improve coordination of electric vehicle uptake and infrastructure planning. Under Labor, all federally-funded road upgrades will need to incorporate electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Labor will also require states to work with the Federal Government to ensure new and refurbished commercial and residential developments include electric vehicle charging capacity and ensuring investments are made in public charging stations to meet standards.

Other low emissions vehicles such as hybrids and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles are still evolving and being trialled on our roads to meet Australian conditions. Any plan that looks at lower emissions targets must also consider these options and how they could be accommodated.

The automotive industry also needs Labor to provide clarity in their policy as to who will be responsible for meeting their targets. This must be manufacturers, not dealers. It is the manufacturers that will ultimately be responsible for meeting demand.