Electric and autonomous vehicles are changing the tyre industry

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The automotive industry landscape is changing as a result of electric and autonomous vehicles entering the market.

Tyre manufacturer, Pirelli says it, along with other tyre manufacturers, are putting 30 to 40 per cent of their current project resources into areas that relate to low or zero emission and autonomous vehicles. This will have an impact on the automotive industry, especially Tyre Fitters, who need to keep up with new products and vehicles entering the market.

MTA Tyre Dealers Division Chair, Marcus Baldacchino says the key take out for members is that they are ensuring the right tyres are put on vehicles.

Marcus said, “With vehicle and tyre technology rapidly evolving, it is more important than ever that tyre retailers are knowledgeable enough to confidently advise consumers which tyre is the right one to put on a particular vehicle.”

Pirelli Tyre CCO of North-east Asia and Pacific, Dimitrios Papadakos, said that EVs are “the present” and “not the future” and that new EV models appearing in the market are requiring specific tyres.

Dimitrios said, “Three, four years ago, we were at just three, four per cent,” he said. “EVs are coming very fast, and we have many new car brands that are coming that we didn’t know about until recently.”

In addition to expanding their range of tyres to accommodate electric vehicles specifically, Dimitrios said that tyre manufacturers are also working extensively with wheel manufacturers to develop rubber for autonomous vehicles that will be required to relay data to a vehicle’s computer and possibly surrounding infrastructure.

For example, Pirelli is currently working on a tyre that transmits data over a 5G network through surrounding infrastructure to another vehicle, alerting it vehicle of changing road conditions ahead. While this technology isn’t here yet, it is definitely on the horizon and members need to be aware of the innovation that is around the corner.

Just as collision repairers must be aware of re-calibrating sensors on bumpers following a replacement or repair, so too will Tyre Fitters need to be aware of the importance of advanced technology being added to tyres that could affect a vehicle’s safety and performance.

Original article sourced here from GoAuto.