Early intervention measures keep an apprentice at work following lacerations to his fingers

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It is fantastic to see that there is a support for a return to work culture in hosts where the focus is on what the injured worker can do rather than focusing on what they can’t do!

A second year Automotive Body Repair Technology apprentice suffered a severe laceration to his 4th and 5th fingers on his left hand as a result of using a pulley to assist in the repair in the rear of a vehicle. The panel flung back onto his fingers causing a laceration and crush injury.

The apprentice received immediate first aid treatment on site and was then referred to the local medical centre for minor treatment and bandaging.

After some discussions with the apprentice, the host and the MTA’s WHS and Return to Work Coordinator, it was identified that a gradual return to work plan could be accommodated and that suitable duties were immediately available for the apprentice to commence.

After only taking the rest of that afternoon off work, the apprentice was medically cleared to return back to modified body repair duties commencing the next day on full hours.

As a result of the host’s commitment and support to provide suitable short term return to work duties, the apprentice was able to make a swift recovery and return to pre-injury duties within a week.

The MTA works with a number of members and hosts to get apprentices back into the workplace after an injury.

If you host a MTA apprentice and need WHS help, contact the MTA’s WHS&RTW Coordinator by clicking here.

If you need assistance in helping your employees return to work, click here to contact the MTA’s Workplace Relations team.