DPTI will refuse registration of cars fitted with ‘Alpha’ type airbags

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The Registrar of Motor Vehicles has announced last Saturday that from 1 November 2018 vehicles fitted with defective 'Alpha' Takata Airbag inflators will be refused registration until these airbags have been replaced.

Vehicle owners will be notified by the Registrar if their vehicle is identified as having an 'Alpha' airbag inflator and will have a minimum of 30 days to provide evidence to Service SA that the defective airbag has been replaced.

In addition, the ACCC will be collating data from vehicle manufacturers on the status of affected vehicles and providing this data to the Registrar. This will include information on the vehicles that require repairs and where vehicle owners have received multiple recall notifications asking them to contact the manufacturer for rectification.

Vehicle owners can check the status of their vehicle by visiting: www.ismyairbagsafe.com.au

Click here for the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure's Media Release.

It was revealed last week that vehicles with potentially lethal Takata Aigbags are still being bought and sold.

The ACCC compulsory recall of cars fitted with Takata Airbags currently only applies to vehicle dealers, however an estimated half of all sales in Australia are private to private.

There are still more than 1.8 million faulty airbags fitted inside Australian cars and approximately 15,000 of the Takata airbags are “alpha” aigbags which have a 50% chance of blowing dangerous shrapnel at drivers and passengers if deployed in a collision.

This again highlights the importance of consumers purchasing vehicles from a Licensed Vehicle Dealer (LVD). Under Australian Consumer Law, consumers are protected when purchasing a vehicle from a LVD as LVD’s cannot sell a vehicle under active recall.

Dealers who do sell a vehicle under active recall can face substantial fines and corporate penalties.

A reminder to all vehicle dealers, that if you believe a vehicle is affected, you must check the vehicle’s VIN number.

If you have any questions in regards to the Compulsory Takata Airbags Recall, click here to contact the MTA’s Industry Engagement Specialist Nathan Groves.