Do you employ an apprentice? Make sure you are registered!

Public news

Members have been receiving letters from the Department for Industry and Skills in relation to the expiry of employer registrations under the Training and Skills Development Act 2008. The letters advise that their registration to employ apprentices/trainees will soon expire and that without the registration they will no longer be able to hire apprentices/trainees.

These letters are sent to employers who are either currently employing an apprentice or have done so in the past. If members do not wish to take on an apprentice in the future there is no reason to renew the registration. Please note that the registration does not apply to any members who are hosting MTA Group Training Scheme apprentices.

If you change your mind and want to take on an apprentice in the future, you simply have to reapply at that stage. To renew your registration you will need to nominate which trades or vocations you would like to be registered for. You can check which vocations you are currently registered for by visiting the Training and Skills Register by clicking here. Once the renewal has been lodged you will be contacted by a Regulation and Contract Management representative to discuss the application. They may also arrange a time to visit the workplace to ensure it is suitable to provide training for the apprentice/trainee.

These renewals will take place every 5 years to ensure compliance. To discuss the registration process please contact the Australian Skills Commission directly or click here to visit the website for more information. If you would like to talk to someone at the MTA’s Group Training Scheme about taking on an apprentice as a host employer please call 8241 0522 or email the GTO Manager, Jason Polgreen, by clicking here.