Death involving modified vehicle hoist

Public news

A tragic accident occurred in October last year in the Northern Territory involving the use of a modified vehicle hoist. Sadly, a 66-year-old mechanic died after the car he was working on rolled off the hoist.

NT WorkSafe has now revealed that the 4 post vehicle hoist was in an elevated position with the vehicle positioned on top of the wheel platforms and that the worker was standing under the hoist conducting mechanical repairs before the accident occurred. His upper body was between the under carriage of the vehicle and the front section of the hoist when the vehicle unexpectedly rolled forward along the wheel platforms. The forward movement of the vehicle resulted in the front wheels of the vehicle dropping off the front of the hoist. The worker was crushed and trapped between the vehicle under carriage and the front cross beam of the hoist.

While it is difficult to review incidents with such a tragic outcome, it is important that you understand the factors contributing to this fatality so that you prevent similar accidents in your workshop.

NT WorkSafe say the contributing factors to this tragic accident include:

  • Unsafe modifications to the hoist including the removal of wheel stops
  • Poor maintenance and inspection including a number of serious safety issues that were identified during inspection of the hoist
  • Unsafe work procedures including inadequate controls to prevent the vehicle from rolling while on the hoist

The MTA recommends:

  • Daily inspections of vehicle hoists. The MTA Print Shop can provide a Hoist Safety Checklist and Logbook. Click here to contact MTA Print.
  • Regular maintenance of hoists (and all equipment).
  • Institute a Standard Operating Procedure for use of hoists (and all equipment).
  • Ensure appropriate training and supervision.
  • Contacting us to arrange a vehicle hoist inspection and training by clicking here.
  • Conduct regular WH&S inspections. The MTA can also assist with a WH&S inspection or audit of your entire site. Click here to contact the WR team.

If you have any questions about vehicle hoist safety and ensuring they comply with regulations, please contact the Workplace Relations team on 8291 2000 or by clicking here.